Collaborative Staffing Solutions


We are a Staffing Solutions Company

Collaborative offers a full range of services throughout the United States, actively recruiting consultants nationwide. Collaborative will provide the right consultant for your project needs. Our consultants are carefully selected based on their experience, technical evaluation, and background check. Additionally, our consultants have been well trained and have extensive corporate experience in their particular concentration. Some of our areas of specialized recruiting include Administration, Customer Service, Engineering, Finance, HR, Information Technology, Legal, and Light Industrial.

Table of Contents

Where do we start?

Every candidate that you look at has been thoroughly screened by Collaborative:

Whether someone sends a resume to us or we search out their resume and contact them, Collaborative always begins with an initial telephone screening and evaluation. Our recruiters take the time to verify any information supplied in the resume. Every aspect is covered, from places and dates of previous employment to educational background to personal contact information.

Collaborative then goes further to make sure the candidate is exactly what you are looking for. Our recruiters use the specific job requirements provided by your company to ensure that you receive only the most desirable candidates. We explicitly question job seekers about their knowledge of and familiarity with your requirements in order to guarantee the skills and experience you need.

Finally, Collaborative ascertains the job seeker eligibility. Our recruiters always learn both when the candidate is available for an interview and how soon the candidate can start working for your company. We then cover any specific requisites that you want to know.

What next?

If a candidate is still deemed acceptable after the initial screening, Collaborative forwards the resume onto you. But before we do that, our formatters make sure that you get a resume that is truly high-quality:

That is why Collaborative goes the extra step to make sure every resume meets the strictest standards. Our goal is to ensure that each resume you get is as accessible as possible. In order to achieve that goal, Collaborative employs a 3-step process:

We start by proofreading the actual content, reading through the resume to make sure everything is written properly and, more important, coherently. Our formatters then check for spelling and grammatical errors. We revamp everything so you don't have to struggle to identify what a great candidates abilities and qualifications are. Remember, though, Collaborative doesn't change what's in the resume; we just ensure that it's easy to read and understand.

Our formatters take an extra step because a high-quality resume isn't based on content alone. A resume that iss confusing to look at is one that you don't want to waste your time with. Your time is important and we want to preserve as much of it as we can. That is why Collaborative puts every resume into an easy-to-read format where the information you need most is simple to find. From concise summaries at the beginning to employment information in bold, we add visual clarity to comprehensibility in every resume you get.

Collaborative doesn't stop here, though. We strive to ensure the best possible resume, so we have an arbitrary proofreader check over everything. Before we submit any resume to you, our formatters step back and let someone else read it in order to identify any problems that may have escaped their vigilant attention. Collaborative refuses to send you anything less than your company deserves.

How do you meet the candidates?

You want to learn more about our candidates and they want to meet with you. Let Collaborative take the hassle out of interviewing:

We simplify the entire process. If you see a candidate you're interested in, let us know and we'll do the work of setting up an interview. Just tell us what time(s) work best for you, and our representatives will act as the "middle-men", going back and forth as many times as it takes to get you a confirmed interview with an excellent candidate who is prepared to meet with your company. Collaborative makes the interviewing process work for you.

Our dedicated representatives work hard to deliver the results you want without the stress you don't. We establish a strong working relationship that allows us to identify your preferred way of doing business and adapt our actions to accommodate your inclinations. You will always interact with same representative every time you deal with Collaborative, a situation that encourages a professional rapport far superior to dealing with dozens of unpredictable job seekers. We strive to ensure that in every interaction with us, your business practices are mirrored by our own.

Collaborative's aim is to make things as painless as possible for you. That is why we also focus our attention on the candidate's faculty for the interview. They may have been given the job information once before, but do they really remember it? Since nothing wastes times like interviewing a candidate who is unprepared or even unaware what the position requires, Collaborative refreshes every job seeker's memory. Our representatives make sure our candidates are equipped with all the information they received at the beginning of the process, guaranteeing that Collaborative's interviewees are worth your time.

It's time to hire.

Collaborative has the best contractors and you want to hire them:

The candidates look good on paper and sound great in person, but that doesn't mean it's time for us to step back and relax. These people are coming to work at your site and we want to make sure they are fit to be there. That's why we always run a comprehensive background check, using a third party company so you can be assured there is no bias. Collaborative wants to make sure that everything you've been told is the truth. We start by checking a candidate's criminal background, looking for felonies and misdemeanors. If something is there, you have a right to know. Next, we make sure that the information on the resume gives an accurate accounting of the candidate's experience. Collaborative wants to know that we are sending you a contractor who is exactly what you've been told. Not only do we verify the places of employment, but we also verify the dates, ensuring that our candidate has the experience that led you to offer a position. We also check the education so you can be sure we are giving you the "real deal." Finally, all of our contractors have to pass a drug screening before they are allowed on site. Collaborative refuses to give you anything less than the best there is.