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This page is designed to help our current contractors. It is your link to Time Tracker, our time reporting system. It also addresses some of the most common questions and problems that we come across. Please feel free to use this page as your resource for working with Collaborative.

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Time Tracker

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Time Reporting Instructions:

Collaborative requires that all contractors submit their hours every week into BOTH the Collaborative Time Tracker and a client-specific time reporting system. The Time Tracker logins will be sent directly from Collaborative to your email account. The logins for the client system will be sent directly from the client's IT department. Timesheets should be submitted by Monday for the previous week, at the latest.

Hints regarding Time Tracker:

- Only enter your time using the following increments for partial hours:

15 min = .25
30 min = .5
45 min = .75

For example: If you work 3 hours and 15 minutes, you will enter 3.25.

Pay Schedule:

Payroll is processed weekly. Checks are issued each Friday. Hours worked between each Sunday and the following Saturday will be paid on the following Friday.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: How often do I get paid?
A: Contractors are paid on weekly basis. You will be paid each Friday.

Q: If I started working at the beginning of the pay period, when will I receive my first paycheck?
A: You will receive your first paycheck on the Friday following the week you start.

Q: Is direct deposit available?
A: Yes.
Setting up direct deposit is strongly recommended. Collaborative is located in Maryland, but our employees/contractors are nationwide. While we mail checks out 1-2 business days before the paydate, we are unable to guarantee a physical paycheck will reach you by that day. If you choose direct deposit, however, you will receive your wages each Friday.

Q: Once I provide the direct deposit information to Collaborative, when will it take effect?
A: Direct deposit does take 1 pay period to go through.
The first paycheck from Collaborative is usually a physical check and mailed through the post office 1-2 business days prior to the paydate. Further paychecks will be deposited directly into your account.

Q: When should I submit my timesheets each week?
A: You should submit your timesheets into all required time reporting systems by Monday at Noon, at the latest, for the previous week.


Q: Does Collaborative deduct Federal taxes from my paycheck?
A: Yes.
If you are a W2 employee, Collaborative will deduct Federal taxes from your paycheck. The amount of Federal tax withheld is calculated using a varying percentage rate. This percentage is determined by the amount of gross income you earn. A higher level of income will fall within a range that has a higher percentage withheld. Please keep in mind, though, that other factors such as personal allowances and marital status will also play a role in determining the percentage that is withheld.

For more information about Federal Taxes, visit and see publication 15-A

Q: How does being paid on an hourly rate affect my taxes?
A: Being paid on an hourly rate means that the actual percentage of income withheld may vary from check to check. If you work the same hours every pay period, you will probably not experience any change in the percentage taken out of your paycheck. However, if you work a lot of overtime, your gross income will be higher and may move into an income range that is taxed at a higher rate.

Q: Since Collaborative is located in Maryland, will Maryland state income taxes will be deducted from my paycheck?
A: No.
If you are a W2 employee, Collaborative will deduct state income tax based on where you live. So, if you are a contractor living in Virginia, Virginia state income taxes will be deducted.

Q: How much is deducted from my paycheck for Social Security and Medicare taxes?
A: Both Social Security and Medicare deduct a standard percentage from your paycheck.
Social Security withholds 6.2% of your gross income. Medicare withholds 1.45% of your gross income. Together, these make up your FICA withholdings.

On Site

Q: If I need to take time off or can’t come in, who do I contact?
A: Your manager.
You should always get approval for any time off from your manager. Because he/she is your direct supervisor, your manager is the one who makes the final decision about letting you have off. If you have an emergency or need to call in sick, you should also contact your manager directly so that he/she knows not to expect you.
You can also contact Collaborative if you want to. Some contractors are more comfortable knowing that an official notification has been given, but this is only to be used as additional insurance. Please be sure to contact your manager as well.

Q: Can I work overtime?
A: The rules for working overtime and for overtime pay vary based on the client. Once you have established who your contract is with and where it is located, please contact Collaborative directly. At that point, we will be able to give you the information you need.


Q: Who is my employer?
A: Collaborative.
You are directly employed by Collaborative and we contract you out to our client. Because Collaborative is your actual employer, we take care of most aspects of your employment such as pay and payroll issues, problem resolution, and answering general questions. However, since your actual work location is on site with our client, any issues directly related to the job such as taking time off and job-function related questions are best handled by your manager. If you are unsure who to contact about something, please contact Collaborative.

Q: Does Collaborative offer health coverage to their contractors?
A: Yes.
Collaborative offers limited benefit medical insurance. The information is provided at the time of hire along with the tax forms, and other employment documents via email.