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What is contract work?

Here at Collaborative, we believe it’s always important to know exactly what you’re getting into. You need to be comfortable with what you’re doing, so here’s an explanation of what contract work is:
As a contractor, you are a direct employee of one company while being contracted out to work at another company. For example, if you are contractor with Collaborative, we are your actual employer. When one of our clients comes to us with a position they need filled, we contract your services out to that client. So, your physical workplace is on-site with the client performing whatever job function you are contracted for, while the administrative functions of an employer are handled by us.

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Why contract work?

More and more, contract work is becoming an attractive option for potential job seekers. Contracting offers a multitude of benefits for employees including:

  1. The flexibility to discover new and exciting fields of work. When you are not “tied down” in long term employment, you can explore your opportunities. Satisfy your curiosity while discovering what type of work suits you best.
  2. The chance to work with a top company and make connections. Strengthen your resume with a competitive employer while making connections that will help you succeed.
  3. The ability to “test drive” potential employers. Find out if you enjoy working for a particular company because,
  4. It is always possible for a contract position to turn into permanent employment. And if you’re not interested, you can leave when your contract is up. There are no obligations.

Other advantages include:

  • contracting is free to the job seeker
  • we have hundreds of positions open throughout the country
  • our clients are looking to hire as soon as possible, but will wait if you need to give notice to your present employer

How do I get started?

The process for becoming a contractor is simple:

send us your resume

There are two options you can choose. First, you can send your resume directly to us. Our recruiters will look over it and see if we have any open positions that are a good match for you. If we find a fit, one of our recruiters will give you a call to tell you about the job. After hearing the details, it is entirely up to you whether or not you want your resume sent on to our client.
If we don’t find a match right away, don’t worry. We are constantly receiving new positions. Your resume is stored in our database so we can continue looking until we find something that is right for you.

The second option is to look through the selection of jobs we have posted on this website. If you see something you like, send us your resume in direct response to that position. Our recruiters will not only consider you for that job, they’ll also look for similar positions that you might be interested in.

Resumes can be sent to:

complete a phone screening

Once our recruiters find a position that interests you, they will conduct an initial phone screening to verify some basic information:

  • We want to be sure we have the correct contact number(s) for you. We will also check to see if there are any additional numbers that haven’t already been provided.

  • Your email address also has to be verified.

  • Our recruiters will then go over your resume with you to make sure that the dates of employment are correct, the education can be confirmed, and also to get an idea of any skills you might have that are not apparent in your resume.

  • Finally, we go over any specific qualifications that our clients may be looking for to ensure a good match.

go on an interview

After we’ve made sure we have all the information we need and that it’s correct, we will send your resume on to our client. Our client will then look it over and decide if they want to set up an interview. If they do, they will let us know and we’ll contact you right away to get everything set up.

get a job!

If our client decides to offer you the position, we just have one more stage before we can get you started. All of our clients require that we complete a background check and drug screening before they will allow you on-site. (Note: some clients may require other checks as well.)

Once you have officially accepted the job, we’ll send you the paperwork that we need to get everything started. When you have completed it, simply fax it back to us and we will begin the background check. Keep in mind, the sooner we receive the information, the sooner you can start working. We’ll also send you a drug test that needs to be taken right away. Too long of a delay could result in a withdrawal of the offer.

After our client receives notification that everything has been completed to satisfaction, they will give us your start information!

IMPORTANT!!! All positions require that you pass a drug screen before starting work. If you do not pass, you will lose your chance to work with that client. If you cannot pass, please do not send your resume.
You also have to undergo a 7 year criminal check. You must disclose any felonies and misdemeanors that might be on your record before the check is started. If you have anything that is still pending, you must disclose it as well. (Having a record does not automatically disqualify you for a position.)

Resume tips

There are a few things you can do on your resume to help speed up the process of finding a job and strengthen your chances of getting it:

  1. Be sure to include all of your contact information and make sure it is correct. We need your address so we know where to look for jobs and your phone number(s) and email so we can contact you when we find something.

  2. For every job, include the name of the company, the dates you worked there (month/year), and the title of the position you held. Make sure the dates of your employment are correct as our clients will verify this information before allowing you to come on site. Any large discrepancies can affect your chances of starting with the client.

  3. Describe what your job duties were at each position. Give us plenty of detail because more information can raise your chances of being selected for a job.

  4. Make sure you include information about your education. We need to know the name of the institution and what degree you have achieved. If you are still working toward a degree, please note that you have some coursework completed. An inaccurate report of your education level will affect your eligibility for the job.
    The actual degree(s) can range from a high school diploma/ GED or higher to specialized certifications.

  5. It is always a good idea to include a section listing the skills you have. Some positions do require a specific skill set and the easier it is for us to identify your skills, the quicker we can find you a job.